Monday, 27 March 2017

Back on Track & On The Road Again

 Yes, the RRs are travelling again. But a "different" adventure this time as much of our time away will be spent "house-sitting" in Innisfail.

 We left home with 'Ada' at the end of Feb. Destination "Dylisglen" in time to celebrate Master Landon's 2nd birthday and my 65th..OMG - I really am an "old woman" now!

On the way we stopped overnight at Ceratodus Park - a lovely "free" camp spot 10km north of Eidsvold, and our 2nd night stopover was at Duaringa. We had planned to stay in the RV park but the area was over-run with flying foxes so we actually camped behind the local pub. What else could we do!!!!!

When planning our travels this time, the OWO decided it would add a little 'excitement' to the adventure if we took a few of the 'back roads' between destinations. So the back road it was from Duaringa to 'Dylisglen'.

Sometimes one can 'discover' some interesting little gems along these 'detours'. To our delight we found a beautiful gem in the middle of nowhere.

1956 Olympic Torch Memorial
Croydon Commemorative Park is located on the Marlborough-Sarina Road, which was the main road between Mackay and Rockhampton back in the fifties, before the Bruce Hwy existed. A terrible road for travelling (nearly rattled our brains out!!!) but it was worth the detour to find this little gem. Here at the park is a wonderful memorial marking the place where the Olympic  torch was exchanged on its way to the 1956 Games in Melbourne.  Who knows, this may become the 'Little Gem Adventure'!

We stayed ten days at "Dylisglen", celebrating birthdays and creating more beautiful memories with our youngest daughter and grandson --- and no rain like last year to dampen the big day activites, thank goodness!

Burdekin Bridge, Home Hill
With a sad farewell and a promise to FT regularly, we continued our travels north, stopping overnight at Home Hill. There is another great "free" camp area here with free showers and a camp kitchen for travellers across from the railway station. The old building now houses the local information center, and inside we discovered another little "gem" ---- a wonderful photographic display depicting the building of the magnificent bridge that crosses the mighty Burdekin river, and links the towns of Ayr and Home Hill. Certainly worth stopping here just to visit the info center.

Time to move on. Next stop --  the "Pera Court Hilton", Townsville. Mrs OWO spent 5 wonderful days with her "stitching sister", Miss Carmel, enjoying "girlie" activities. You know, things like shopping, lunches, morning teas, stitching, card making, more stitching, more shopping, more lunches - you get the idea!! It was pretty hot and humid in Townsville but the weather didn't dampen our enthusiasm to enjoy our time was like being on a "retreat".

Leaving the comforts of the "Pera Court Hilton" we continued north with a 2 night stopover at Big Crystal Creek campground in the Paluma Range NP. This is a lovely campground with great facilities and a short walk to a very cool swimming hole.

It is many years since we last visited this area (back in the 80's) and neither of the RRs could recall travelling up the mountain to Little Crystal Creek and Paluma, so we took the opportunity on day 2 to explore a little'.

Paluma is a very interesting village, I would go so far as to say a "ghost" village. There are no longer any businesses open there, although there are some good walking tracks and interesting historical info. The road to get there, although sealed, is very steep, narrow and winding. There are fantastic views out over the valley and across to Hinchinbrook Island.

Leaving the mountain behind we took a short drive into the town of Ingham - stopping in at the Frosty Mango - yummy! Whilst in Ingham we stopped for a short walk around the Tyto Wetlands. This is a lovely area but it was so humid that the RRs were only able to walk around part of the park before retreating to the air-conditioned vehicle to return to the campground for a cold shower.

After two short days in the bush is was time to pack up "Ada" and head for Innisfail. This will be our "base" for the next 8 weeks - in a 3 bed air-conditioned home with an in-ground pool on 11 acres. From here we will be able to explore more of the Atherton Tablelands, coastal towns and beaches north to Cairns and south to Cardwell and, many of the beautiful NP's in this region.

Yes. It will be an "adventure" with a difference!!!

At the time of posting, far north east coast residents in Queensland are battening down in readiness for TC Debbie. On Thursday the RRs were getting 'cyclone' ready but thankfully we will not have to deal with the arrival of Debbie, only the wind and rain effects at this stage. Our thoughts are with our friends in Townsville and family in Mackay who may now be facing the ferocity of Debbie.

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